As for a guide price? This product was originally introduced exclusively for Korean market in In , Bang Golf developed an innovative golf club series for the first time in golf history that enabled seated golfers to compete and play in golf courses. If you can find one for cheap, then invest away. Spring Face Titanium Driver cc Pink The Spring Face driver is a very popular and economical driver product that carries the very conservative design tradition of the golf game for average golfers at a very affordable price. I was very happy to learn in that 10 year old car, it made things much easier for me. The carbureted CBRF packs a cc engine that can produce a respectable hp, 48 lb-ft of torque, and reach top speeds of mph, all wrapped in a package that weighs in at a tidy lbs.

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This is usually because they have to spend a lot of their focus on not grabbing too much throttle, and 600c grabbing too much brake, and trying to keep such a heavy and long machine on 2 wheels, especially during slow speed maneuvers. Bang Japan heads offered here are guaranteed genuine and authentic and acquired directly from Bang Golf USA; no grey import.

This site designed by Lonny. This club is the hottest legal head Bang has ever designed!

The cc motorcycle category is an incredibly popular segment of the bike industry — and for good reason. Imagine first learning banb drive not in an old beater car, but a brand new Lamborghini! These older cc ZX-6Rs are much more street friendly than the newer models. It is a highly thought after titanium driver in Asia and has been copied by other companies in China and Korea. Remember when you were first learning to drive a car? Click image to enlarge All New in Click Image to enlarge All New in Purchase Items with credit cards thru PayPal.


Motorcycles have incredible acceleration and they require a lot of throttle control to operate properly. Yes, stay away from riding a cc motorcycle if you are starting out as a motorcycle rider. The benefit is increased rebound effect for more distance. Armed with hp, 57 lb-ft of torque and a top speed of mph, you might be thinking that the Ducati might be a little behind the Japanese competition in the specs department — but take one for a ride and it may very well change your life.

Bang Golf Inc has done it again! The engine can churn out a throaty hp at the 600cd, and about Purchase RH or LH 4.

It is not USGA conforming for its huge size. Hand made in small batches and manufactured from a proprietary titanium alloy. Click Image to Enlarge.

Why cc Motorcycle is Too Much!

As an all-round machine, the CBRRR is the perfect of example of everything a cc motorcycle should be. Call Anytime If no answer. The ST is a cast all Beta Titanium head. Turning the motorcycle at all also requires balance, too much lean one way or another and you either end up on the pavement or wrapped around a telephone pole. This process is much more expensive than forging and you must make a separate tooling for each loft.


The carbureted CBRF packs a cc engine that can produce a respectable hp, 48 lb-ft of torque, and reach top speeds of mph, all wrapped in a package that weighs in at a tidy lbs.

At Autowise, we envision ourselves as not just a automobile blog or an automobile news website, instead we see our website as a platform to connect all automobile enthusiast and provide them with all the information they need. The composition of this high performance titanium alloy is not disclosed by the manufacturer for competition reasons. If you give a fast car too much gas all you are going to do is peel out, if you do that same thing on a motorcycle you could easily pull a wheelie and flip the bike.

Why 600cc Motorcycle is Too Much!

Another reason to get a smaller bike at first is the cost. High MOI because of the unique weight ports in the right places. Call or email: The Bangster cc Driver Available Lofts:

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