Hi Maz, Please see the following post with a similar issue and possible fix: Few comments from my experience; feedback welcome — Amir Herzberg my homepage. Or create a new account. You will avoid a lot of headaches this way. Also, while equations support has much improved, it is not completely integrated with Word; e. Create one now Log In Sign Up.

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Upgrade to more recent utilities actually, the culprit is the Ghostview program used by the utilities — you need version 6.

The message you get means that you have no Postscript driver installed or it is damaged ; you can check the list of printers, if everything is installed properly then you should have Acrobat Distiller and Acrobat PDF Writer there.

View Ideas submitted by the community. They have directed me back to Adobe. Another such utility is Acrobat Distiller, shipped with Acrobat but Kate Fiedler says Distiller can also be obtained separately. Sounds good, but I haven’t tried and doubt if I will since I’m very happy with the tools I use prinetr.

I have the same question I wish I knew. No problems with that but the client wants me to deliver the file also as a pdf file. Make sure you set your default page size when the Properties window appears.


Postscript was not designed originally and certainly not exclusively for document sharing; its original and main goal is to describe a page to the laser printer. In reply to A.

problems exporting a Pagemaker file into PDF (General technical issues)

You will avoid a lot of headaches this way. I wrote this document few years ago, when I encountered this problem. Solutions that work well for me or: In fact, this process is so popular, that several people documented it; see instructions by Gene Van Dykeby Ken Chiro and by the ZipGuywho even made a utility called FreePDF to automated the process. Instead, use one of the Portable device-independent Document Formats.

I’m trying to export pdf files by using Pagemaker 7. Maximum font size to download as bitmap. May be ancient history for you by now, but I have had same problem in loading driver from my PM7 disc onto a new laptop. Did you ever discover how to do it?

But for Page Maker, try to install a Postscript Printer that matches one of the printer yoy have chosen to install in the Page Maker installation process. When using the dvips utility, you may want to use the ‘-Ppdf’ or ‘-Pwww’ flag, as in. Enclosed are some tips on creating both PDF and postscript files, in the two most popular environments: If not, take a moment to do it now.


If you have not yet installed requures Adobe Postscript Driver, click here for details. I have the exact same issue. I don’t care that its old, it should work. For example, I often use this to embed a diagram into a LaTeX paper. The HP tech support cannot help me. One popular method to do this is by using the Ghostview shareware; essentially you use the Convert command in the File menu.

And you may not have a postscript printer at all… The solution is to install a virtual postscript printer, i. Also, while equations support has much improved, it is not completely integrated with Word; e.

Microsoft PostScript Printer Driver

Please enter a reqhires. LouBuff Replied on January 27, I create most of my scientific papers using LaTeX. This content has been marked as final.

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