Still, it shows that in a server environment, solid state offers compelling advantages. This content has been marked as final. Write speed makes the most difference for builds, and here SSD offers an insignificant advantage. See Optimizing Photoshop for details. View prices on SSD. But it remains to be seen if the performance can match the XM.

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This matches reality precisely: Reconditioning a solid state drive SSD Page 6: Please enter a title. You can even titillate yourself by rebooting over and over, watching how fast the machine boots and how fast applications launch the first time. Is sleep mode on mac osx harming the ssd’s lifespan? The Intel XM fared very x225-m here, but it must be kept in mind that a Intel 80GB XM 2.

Not hard to do, but be sure to backup your data first. Formatted capacity should be around GB.

Note that all of the hard drives outperform the XM on sustained write performance. This looks perfect for database applications, but will have only modest impact on normal use of a MacBook Pro the MBP is not likely to be a database server for large databases! Yet if its write speed matched its read speed, the Finder copy test would take around 34 seconds, or half the time it currently takes. Read speed is much more important as it concerns boot time, application launch time, etc.


Except for the DiskTester create-files and read-files tests, the other tests detailed below were performed when booted off the Many applications read and write data in chunks even smaller than 32K, but the Mac OS X caching scheme hides the dismal performance problems with that approach—another reason to always have enough memory.

Intel XM SSD’s don’t work with Mac OSX

Software developers might build in various ways with various technologies, but two common environments are represented here. And there are some downsides, such as capacity. This content has been marked as final. There is no technical reason for this, just a user-unfriendly sales decision. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Speed your system up in general by taking full advantage of Mac OS X caching: However, write performance that involves random access will likely favor the XM, since it has zero seek time and essentially zero latency.

The figures are a good starting place for understanding general performance. Understanding Compressible vs Incompressible Data Page 3: For an objective comparisonall hard drive figures shown here are based on partitioning hard drives into a boot volume of The machine will feel very quick with the Intel XM, for short bursts at least.

To test random access speed, the following DiskTester command was used, performing random writes of 64K each, following by random reads of 64K each:. In short, read access is incredibly fast, only a little slower than straight nac of memory!


Intel XM Firmware Update? | MacRumors Forums

I’m using a massive external drive where i keep all of my data. These commands 2×5-m the Mac OS X unified buffer cache, so they represent actual drive performance without the benefit d25-m system caching, which closes the performance gap considerably in real-world use on systems with adequate memory. This is a computer translation of the original content. Mac Pro users have plenty of drive bays, and so the smaller 80GB version of the XM is ideal for a boot drive in the lower optical bay, see Installing a Solid State Drive.

I might launch DreamWeaver CS4 and work in it for many hours.

Intel X25-M SSD’s don’t work with Mac OSX 10.8.3

But inteel a lower price and higher capacity than the XM, and assuming the usual Apple pricing, there is a very good chance that it will not perform as well as the Intel XM reviewed here. The second generation units make some substantial improvements in write speed, and incremental improvements in latency.

Solid state drives are the future of performance.

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